Our team of company secretaries and lawyers are here to help you with corporate compliance and legal situation and we pride ourselves on our diverse areas of expertise, from secretarial to Valuation of your business and corporate legal services.


“Our approach is about serving you beyond letter of law”

Let us help you to deliver corporate compliant solutions in the most effective way.

It’s important to us that your experience with us is a positive one. We’re dedicated to provide a friendly and professional service at all the time, always, ensuring you receive the best advise at right time.

– Ranjani Murugesh, Founder – 


Ranjani Murugesh, as a firm of Company Secretaries and lawyers, our prime aim is to help our clients with their regulatory requirements.

The founder, Ranjani Murugesh, is a professionally acclaimed Company Secretary, Corporate lawyer and a Registered Valuer. She is a professional with a decade plus experience in valuing businesses and handling Investment and deal advisory in India.








Setting up your company

Incorporation made simple

Conceive an Idea

We help you Incorporate your company or LLP

Secretarial and complaince

Concentrate on growing your business

Outsource your secretarial activities

We provide complete services to companies and LLP


Ensure your legal requirement are met

Legal is taken care

We make sure to keep you within the law


Evaluate your business worth

Invite Investors to invest

Let us help you to measure the value of your business


The apparent regulatory complexities of going into business can often present obstacles to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting up a new venture with inadequate knowledge of the legal requirements can cause serious problems both at the outset and at a later date. 

The demands of the various regulations, which requires a mandate for the organization to be compliant, makes it essential to obtain an authoritative and reasoned assessment of the options available for starting and growing your business and ensuring its successful continuation. 

It is important to engage the services of qualified and experienced professionals to put you on the right track.


The regulatory changes and need for fund raise to grow your business mandates valuation to estimate the economic value of the business. The objective of any management today, is to maximize corporate value and shareholders wealth. The company is considered valuable not for its past performance but its ability to sustain and create wealth maximization to its shareholders in future.

Valuation is done for numerous purposes, including fund raise, ESOP, acquisitions, merger, mentorship equity, buy back, IPOs,  leveraged buy outs, taxation planning and compliance, bankruptcy, management information etc.

It makes sense and is vitally important to use the services of qualified and experienced professionals who can delve into the depths of the business and provide valuation.

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